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Featured Work

American Race on TNT

American Race is a limited run, documentary series that follows controversial commentator and plainspoken truth-teller Charles Barkley on a barnstorming tour to discover what Americans REALLY think about race. Charles believes that social media has fueled the current tension by providing an instantaneous and largely anonymous platform for racial dialogue. He wants to have that dialogue, in person and on the record.

Music Library

Transition Music’s online digital music library was built one song at a time. With the help of a unique Global Community and Ethnomusicologists our hand-selected catalog of pre-cleared, independent music combines with our amazing team of creative, legal, administrative and technology professionals to offer an unprecedented music experience and menu of music-related services.

Your Music Department

More than 29 television series & 8 networks rely on Transition Music Corporation (TMC) as their exclusive source for “ALL” things music; from composers, to production music, to licensing, to new artist, music supervision & building music revenue streams. TMC is the only “One Stop Shop” providing music, content solutions and professional services to all media, across all platforms.

Ultimate Exposure

Transition Music’s gateway to independent artists for new music or licensing. Ultimate Exposure is the new TMC “song only” library: Ultimate Exposure provides independent artists with new sources of global revenue and exposure in the digital media world.  It’s our way of giving YOU, the artist, individual attention.  Take the first step, submit your music.