Music Release: Global Holidays Volume 1
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Music Release: Global Holidays Volume 1

Music Release: Global Holidays Volume 1

global holidays-min


The United States is rich with diversity, which is reflected in the celebrations of various cultures and populations.  Transition Music is happy to celebrate “Diversity the Winter Holidays!” in music. This collections focuses on 3 December holidays- Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.  We hope you will share this with your family and friends and find a track to infuse into your holiday themed media projects in the weeks ahead.

Christmas and Hanukkah already get lots of love, but for those unfamiliar, Kwanzaa is a week long celebration of African culture throughout the USand in other nations of the African Diaspora, culminating in a feast and gift giving.

This is collection is for your personal enjoyment!  Please listen, download and share.   For licensing please contact