Transition Music Corporation | 5 Ways to Monetize Music Using the Internet
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5 Ways to Monetize Music Using the Internet

5 Ways to Monetize Music Using the Internet

The Internet revolutionized the music industry with Napster, and continues to drive major changes within the music industry. It’s time to harness that power to monetize your music in new ways. Here are 5 great places to start. 

5. Use social media to build a fan database.
If you’re an artist, you need to realize that you’re also a brand which needs to be marketed. But who do you market to? Use every opportunity to get e-mail addresses of friends, family, people you met at other artist concerts, and of course EVERYONE who shows up when you play. Most important of all, get this info into a database of e-mail addresses. Then you can send out e-mail blasts and connect via Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc. It’s up to you to connect with your fans and create loyal followers who will pay money to hear your music.

4. Sell your music to popular YouTube channels.
Now that YouTube pays royalties just like any other broadcast network, getting your music on a popular YouTube channel promotes your music and can brings in a little royalty money. Find the most-watched channels and offer your music to the creators. If you are just starting out, you should even consider letting the channel use your music for free to maximize exposure. No publicity is bad publicity. If you’re interested in YouTube’s royalty policy, learn more about it here.

3. Connect your SoundCloud account to SoundRain.
In 2011, SoundCloud, a website for uploading music to the Web, came up with a new way to sell your tracks via the site: SoundRain. By linking your SoundCloud account with SoundRain, you can select which of your uploaded tracks to make available for sale using Minno, a software that sells the tracks for $0.99 each and sends you a check when your sales reach $10. To learn more about the program, visit the SoundCloud site. And don’t forget to let everyone in your fan database know!

2. Sell some tracks to an online music library.
At places like Transition Music, we promote your music for you, through online sampling and licensing. With an online library, music supervisors can listen, upload, and license tracks in a matter of minutes. But before you submit to us, or any other library, read this.

1. Create your own YouTube channel.
Not only can you promote your music on your channel–hopefully leading to more downloads and ticket sales–you can generate revenue by hosting ads on your channel. The more people you hook on your channel, the more exposure for your music and the more ad revenue. It’s a win-win situation. You use your music to promote your channel and your channel to promote your music.