Transition Music Corporation | A Fair Internet Radio Royalties Bill
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A Fair Internet Radio Royalties Bill

A Fair Internet Radio Royalties Bill

A Common Sense Approach to Internet Radio Royalties

By Gregory Alan Barnes
November 7, 2012
From The Huffington Post

The debate over royalty rate-setting for Internet radio is generating plenty of hyperbole — including specious claims that the Internet Radio Fairness Act before Congress involves reverse payola schemes, would rain antitrust lawsuits down on artist organizations and give Congress the power to fire copyright judges and replace them with political appointees. Any reasonable person should question the truth of these assertions, and a quick read of the Bill proves that none of them are actually true. In light of all the mischaracterizations about the Internet Radio Fairness act, intentional or not, it seems important to establish some facts about what Internet radio fairness is and why a diverse coalition of organizations is pushing for it.

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