Transition Music Corporation | Advice for Indie Artists: Embrace Database Management
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Advice for Indie Artists: Embrace Database Management

Advice for Indie Artists: Embrace Database Management

The Shifting Worth of Music

October 26, 2012

From Audio Graphics

I’ve always wanted to build a business on the “$10,000 hamburger” revenue model. Sell one and you have a good week.

It would be nice if a song could be given that same price tag when its worth is judged by audience or radio industry programmers, but we all know it’s not going to happen. Music is resting at its lowest “worth” in memory, and there’s no indication we will see its value grow.

Where is the money in making music today? At what point in an artist’s career does a change occur which increases the value of their songs?

I know bands don’t want to hear this, but one skill all should master in this technologically crazy world is data base management. (Here’s a decent article on building a data base.) Effort needs to be placed into building a database of fans and music services. The former are people you sell music to, and the latter are influencers who reach more than one-fan-at-a-time so fans can seek you out.

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