Transition Music Corporation | AIMP Educating Publishers About YouTube Monetization
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AIMP Educating Publishers About YouTube Monetization

AIMP Educating Publishers About YouTube Monetization

YouTube Educates Nashville Publishers about Site Monetization

By Eric Parker
January 15, 2013

The AIMP hosted Rightsflow/Google representatives yesterday (Jan. 14) in what was a second Nashville gathering to discuss monetizing published copyrights on YouTube. The sold-out presentation, titled Mo’ Money for YOUR Music, was held at BMI’s 6th floor theater as part of a series to inform and educate publishers about YouTube’s Content ID system.

Scott Sellwood, Strategic Partner Development Manager, YouTube, led the Nashville meeting with help from Patrick Sullivan, founder of RightsFlow and now Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google.

Since last year, publishers have been able to elect the Harry Fox Agency to manage YouTube revenue, or enter into direct agreements with the audiovisual provider themselves. Either way, a covenant to not sue is signed upon partnering, releasing litigation rights to pending or future suits against YouTube and its owner, Google.

As explained, the Content ID ‘backpage’ is a tool designed for publishers to manage, monetize, and view statistics for video uploads containing controlled copyrights. Harry Fox-affiliated publishers, however, surrender individual control of this operation to the agency.

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Pictured (L-R): Walter Campbell (AIMP board), Kerry O’Neil (AIMP board), David Cook (moderator), Scott Sellwood (Rightsflow/Google), Patrick Sullivan (Rightsflow/Google), Jill Napier (Admin Director, AIMP), David Preston (AIMP board), Eli Ball (Treasurer, AIMP), Michael Kauffman (Rightsflow/Google). Photo: Heather Cook.