Transition Music Corporation | BBC Proms Hosts Digital Music Innovation Contest
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BBC Proms Hosts Digital Music Innovation Contest

BBC Proms Hosts Digital Music Innovation Contest

Digital offers numerous opportunities to enhance and extend the reach of the live music experience. There are many mobile apps which are built to accompany music festivals and live music events which act more as a mobile duplication of an event website, providing basic scheduling information and affording the event attendee with a means of sharing that experience with others. But digital offers so many more possibilities including the ability to extend the live music experience to those not at the event, particularly those who may only experience the live music event in their homes through the broadcast medium of radio or TV.

The Challenge:

This challenge is to develop a mobile application, product or service that extends the reach and lifespan of the live music experience. The focus goes beyond the live event, transporting it into the home and extending the live experience beyond the event – creating a ‘post-live’ experience.

The winning idea will be explored in partnership with BBC Proms to create a working non-commercial prototype which can then be commercialised more widely beyond the trial period.

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