Transition Music Corporation | Billboard Rankings Now Included YouTube Plays
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Billboard Rankings Now Included YouTube Plays

Billboard Rankings Now Included YouTube Plays

YouTube Plays Now Factored Into Billboard Ranking, Helps Make “Harlem Shake” #1

By D.L. Chandler – Feb. 21, 2013 – Hip Hop Wired

Billboard has teamed with consumer information company Nielsen and will now factor YouTube video plays when ranking songs on the “Hot 100” singles chart. Baauer’s smash hit, “Harlem Shake,” has already benefited, landing at No. 1 on the aforementioned chart.

A new venture was announced yesterday, revolutionizing how Billboard tracks the rise of hit songs in a variety of genres. Before the deal, Nielsen tracked digital sales, physical copies, radio airplay and other traditional means of media delivery. Now, Billboard will collect streaming data on all of YouTube’s official music videos using Nielsen’s information measurements. Essentially, a streaming video click on YouTube will be counted as a radio spin Additionally, user-generated videos that have official use of original music will also have their streams counted and factored into the “Hot 100” data dump.

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