Transition Music Corporation | Capitol Records v. Vimeo
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Capitol Records v. Vimeo

Capitol Records v. Vimeo

Labels Intensify Their War Against Vimeo…

By Paul Resnikoff
January 07, 2013
From Digital Music News

He who lives by the DMCA, dies by the DMCA. And the latter may be the fate of Vimeo, the cleaner cousin of YouTube that never played the copyright game as slickly.

Which is partly why the major labels are intensifying their attack on Vimeo on that grounds of loose-and-fast DMCA interpretations, and asking a federal judge to make a final decision against Vimeo, right now.

The label group, led by Capitol Records (ie, UMG), has just filed paperwork demanding a summary judgment against Vimeo on the grounds that this is a company that knew, encouraged, and facilitated widespread infringement of musical copyright on a recurring basis.