Transition Music Corporation | Do Music P2P Users Help or Hurt the Industry?
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Do Music P2P Users Help or Hurt the Industry?

Do Music P2P Users Help or Hurt the Industry?

Riddle Me This: If Pirates Buy More, Why Are Music Sales Plunging?
by Russ Crupnick
Friday, October 19, 2012
From Digital Music News

I often think you ought to have a license to publish data, especially these days, when misinterpreted statistics easily make their way to the blogosphere, and thus become truth. This has been a real problem in the music space where perception quickly becomes reality. Those so-called realities often prove wrong.

An extract has been going around this week from a soon-to-be-released Columbia University’s American Assembly report stating that music Peer-to-Peer (P2P) users have larger music collections than non-users, and that they spend more on music. The authors make the suggestion that criminalization is worthy of criticism and ask whether the damage done by file sharing is overblown.

This, of course, gets extended to the conclusion that P2P file sharing must be good for music, as it promotes collecting and purchasing. This is ground that the industry has been over, again and again. I hoped that the subject died with Limewire, but it hasn’t.

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