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Frequently Asked Questions

For questions that are not answered in on our FAQ or Submit Music page please contact Music Submissions

Who Do You Work With?

Networks, Major Studios and Independents in the film, television, commercial and web industries.

What are your credits?

Please see our partial list of credits on our About Us page.

I’m a songwriter/producer/band/artist can I submit material?

Yes you can. Please look at our submission policy for details. Submit music

How does the site work?

Upon registration you will receive an activation link via email. After your account has been activated you can select and download your music or save it to your playlist. To license your selections, complete the online license request form. TMC will process your request and send you a completed sync and master license for your review and approval. Then feel free to use our Cue Sheet Creator to finish the job!

What if I have a question or I need help right away?

If you need assistance, we want to help you. Just call or send us an email and a member of our team will get in touch with you.

Can I make my own file to save music and come back later?

Yes. Once you are a registered user you will be given the opportunity to set up your playlist(s).

What if I can’t find the music I want?

We update the site with new music on a regular basis. However, if you need something now and you could not find it online, we will try and get it for you. Just call or send us an Email and a member of our creative team will get in touch with you.

Can I get custom music?

TMC has more composers and songwriters who can deliver songs and score for your project. This creative team consists of Grammy, Emmy, and Oscar winning talent. Just call and a member of our creative team will work to get you precisely what you need.

Does your company provide music licensing services?

Yes. Our administrative team, experts in music publishing, can locate the owners of a composition, secure quotes and negotiate rights. 

What restrictions come with the use of this music?

You can audition as much music as you like. However you CANNOT USE THE MUSIC IN ANY PRODUCTION UNTIL YOU HAVE OBTAINED A SYNCHRONIZATION AND MASTER USE LICENSE AND/OR WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM TMC. Use of any music on the TMC website without written permission is copyright infringement and it is illegal.

What are your rates?

We don’t have a one size fits all business philosophy. Our philosophy is to develop successful music solutions for productions of all sizes and budgets. Our rates are quoted based upon the “type of use”, production budget information you provide to us and the solution we create for each client. If you have any questions about your online music quote, please call us let us see what we can do to craft the best possible situation for you.

How much music can I download?


How do I know the music is legal?

All music on this site is owned and controlled by Transition Music Corporation. We have more than 12 years of experience licensing music for use in all types of visual media.

What are the differences between Transition Music and other production music libraries?

There are two major differences. One – TMC is a solutions provider. Yes, we have a music library; however, unlike other production music libraries we provide a wide range of music solutions for all media for all platforms. Two – TMC’s management team has an extensive background in film, television and records. Our record expertise enabled TMC to build a unique catalog of tracks and songs created by composers and artists who would not otherwise “sell” their music to a traditional library. If you are interested in learning if we have music solution for your company, call or email us.

Do I have to license TMC music to use the Cue Sheet Creator?

No. The cue sheet creator can be used with or without TMC songs.

Do I have to register on the site to use the Cue Sheet Creator?

No, however you must have a valid e-mail address to use the automatic e-mailing functions of the Cue Sheet Creator.

What if I don’t know the composer/publisher/society of a song?

If you don’t know this information, please type in “Unknown” in these fields. For society you can select “Unknown” from the drop down.

How do I make changes to the cues?

To edit a cue, please click the “Pencil” located in the Orange circle to the right of the cue. To delete a cue, please click the “X” located in the Blue circle to the right of the cue.

Are there any “required” fields that I must fill in?

Yes, you must complete all the “cue” information. Although the remaining fields are not required (except as described in question 2), it is best to complete as many fields as possible to ensure your cue sheet will be accepted by the societies.

Can I preview my cue sheet?

Yes. Please click the Preview & Print Cue Sheet button. If you need to make changes, please click the Back to Cue Sheet button. If you are ready to print, please click the Print Cue Sheet button.

Can I save or download my cue sheet?

Yes. To save or export your cue sheet, please click on the Export Cue Sheet to Excel button. This will save your cue sheet on your computer.

Can I send my cue sheet(s) to the societies online?

Yes, however you must have a valid e-mail address to use the automatic ASCAP, BMI & SESAC e-mailing functions.

Can I send them to my co-workers online?

Not from our site. You have to save the file to your computer then you can e-mail it to them.

Do I have to send a copy of the cue sheet to Transition Music Corp.?

Yes, UNLESS there are NO Transition Music titles in your production. We only need a cue sheet if you use/license music from this website.

My internet went down. Can I mail you a copy of the cue sheet?

Yes. Please see our mailing address on our Contact us page.

How do I submit my music?

Visit www.transitionmusic.com for details on the submission policy. We want to get your submission to the right department, so please indicate that you are submitting for “Ultimate Exposure”.

Who do you work with?

We work with networks, major studios and independents in the film, television, commercial and web industries. Ultimate Exposure will focus primarily on television, ad agencies, and film.

What are your credits?

Please visit our credits page.

How is Ultimate Exposure different from TMC’S library?

Ultimate Exposure is TMC’S way of giving YOU, the artist, individual attention. Ultimate Exposure gets your music in the hands of the decision makers. Ultimate Exposure is a specialty brand focusing on your success in the visual media world. Our team brings precision and efficiency to your artistic journey.

Will Ultimate Exposure sign a song Non-Exclusively?

No, TMC does not sign music with out an exclusive agreement. Take the first step, submit your music. If we believe we can deliver for you, together we will consider all the factors to craft an agreement that works for all parties.

What is “Perpetuity?”

A. Forever

What are “moral rights?”

A. An author or artist’s right to have his/her work attributed to himself/herself, and the right to protect the work from alteration.

*What is the “15% administration fee?”

A. This mostly applies to songs with vocals. The administration fee is charged for doing industry standard paperwork maintenance on a song(s). Let’s say for example the entire publishing share collected is $100.00. We collect 100% of the publishing share. TMC’s share would be $75.00 and the artists share would be $25.00. TMC will then take 15% from the $25.00, which is $3.75, leaving the artist with $21.25, before any copyright fee deduction. Copyright fee deduction is 1 time per song, though in some instances certain songs can be grouped into collections of songs thereby limiting the copyright fee deduction(s). Instrumental songs are not subject to the administration fee but are subject to the copyright fee.

Can an artist still shop their music around while being under contract?

A. Yes, but if the artist places the song(s) on their own, the agreement is still in effect. So in essence, the artist is doing our job for us.

If TMC owns the majority/all of the publishing, can TMC technically charge me for playing my own song(s) in public?

A. No

How much can a songwriter earn through placements secured by TMC?

A. Money earned varies by: the company licensing the song, how it’s used (ex: short bumper, theme song, etc), how long it is used, etc. There is no real way to determine an average dollar amount.

Does TMC ever split the ownership of music 50/50?

A. Rarely. 50/50 ownership of songs would only apply to works where the songwriter’s name adds marquee value to the composition. This is determined on a case by case basis..

How many records can I sell under an exclusive agreement?

A. 5,000

Does Transition Music Corporation pay out any “Advance” monies?

A. No

What does “in exchange for good and valuable consideration,” mean?

A. What we’re “exchanging” between one another is the writer is giving us the rights to her/his music, and in exchange, we’re pushing that writers’ music. “Consideration,” can be anything from goods to services to ANYTHING that’s being exchanged, i.e.: you do this, and in return we do this. This makes the contract have value. Two people giving something, two people agreeing on it. That’s the agreement.

Does TMC offer a reversion clause?

A. We no longer offer a reversion clause.

*What if I don’t have a publishing company?

A. It is not necessary to become a publisher for our agreements at creation, however you will eventually need to do so. The reason is when we make a placement the complete title information needs to be provided to the society for payment of your share of the publishing. To become a publisher member just go to ASCAP, BMI or SESAC’s (the society you are affiliated with) website and search for how to become a publisher member. In the meantime, just send back the information you have so we can create the agreement and we’ll leave the lines blank for the publisher information until you become a publisher member with your society.

What if I’m not a member of any society?

It is not necessary to become a writer member of a society for our agreements at creation, however you will eventually need to do so. The reason is when we make a placement the complete title information needs to be provided to the society for payment to you for your writers share. To become a writer member just go to ASCAP, BMI or SESAC’s (the society you want to affiliate with) website and search for how to become a writer member. In the meantime, just send back the information you have so we can create the agreement and we’ll leave the lines blank for the society information until you become a member with the society of your own choosing. We just ask that you notify us of your society affiliation when you become a member.

What exactly does it mean to have our song placed in your catalogue?

This just means that your song will be placed in TMC’s library of songs.

What is the term? Or how long is the term?

The term is forever. We no longer offer a revision clause.

What exactly does Transfer of Copyright mean?

As stated on the first page of the agreement, this means that both you and Transition Music Corporation (TMC) will be listed as joint owners on the copyright. This transfer has to take place in order for TMC to also have control, along with you, in placing your songs with TV & Film companies. We are not completely stripping you of all your copyrights.

There are co-writers on this track - do you need their signature as well on the contract?

Yes we would need the signatures of all the co-writers. If you decide to sign the contract, we would also need to know the percentage amounts each writer is to receive for their share for the song.

What if someone wants to record the song and include it on an album? (For Local & international writers.)

If all the music & lyrics are kept the same and the only change is that a different person is singing the song, then yes, you can sign with an artist to have the song included in their album. We would still have to be listed as a publisher because we would own the rights to the music and the lyrics.

Do You Accept Unsolicited Material?

Yes. Transition Music Corp. is one of the few publishing companies in the United States who currently accepts unsolicited music submissions. Submissions can include all genres of music and must follow TMC’s submission policy below.

How Do I Submit Music?

Review our Submissions Policy.  Please note that we no longer accept physical submissions such as CDs or flash drives.  All submissions are online only. 

What is Your Submission Policy?

  • All submissions must be professional quality master recordings – no demos.
  • The submission must be owned and/or controlled 100% by the submitting party or parties 
  • Minimum length for all submissions is two minutes.
  • 2 song maximum per submission for Email (MP3 format only). TMC is now accepting submissions ONLINE ONLY. After listening to the track sent, we will contact you if we are interested in hearing more of your material.
  • TMC does not accept links to other music sites as a submission (SoundCloud, Reverbnation, etc). These links will not be reviewed.
  • Submission must include your legal name, Email, address and telephone number.

Lyrics Policy

  • All Songs with Lyrics can be submitted with lyric sheets.
  • Any Songs that are not in English MUST include: Lyrics in the performance language and English language translations

Where do I send my material?

Email submissions to: submissions@transitionmusic.com. You  MUST STATE what GENRE and either VOCAL/INSTRUMENTAL in the SUBJECT line or you’re submission will be discarded automatically.

Will I get a response?

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to personally respond to each submission.  We will only contact you if we are interested in signing your material. Please do not call or email to follow up on your submission.

Can I submit lyrics without a recording?

No. Lyrics without a professional recording will not be reviewed.

If I submit music with profanity will you accept it?

Yes. However you have to send a clean/edited version as well so that it can be aired on TV.

What kind of music are you looking for?

Instrumental or Vocal Tracks from all genres. Film and Television productions use all kinds of music. So we accept all kinds of music.

Do you submit songs to artists?

Music may end up on a soundtrack in connection with a film, TV series, webisode or game, but we do not pitch directly to recording artists.

What happens next if you sign my song(s)?

Once signed, we will shop the song(s) around to our clients. Also, if we get a request for music, we will search our catalog database and if your song(s) meet the request, they will be submitted to the client for possible consideration. The song(s) will be uploaded onto the TMC site on our next available update cycle.