Transition Music Corporation | French Powerhouse Deezer Skips America
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French Powerhouse Deezer Skips America

French Powerhouse Deezer Skips America

On the World, but Omitting America
October 21, 2012

From The New York Times
PARIS — Most of the biggest Internet companies got their start in the United States or expanded there quickly. One of the most successful European start-ups, on the other hand, hopes to turn itself into a global powerhouse by ignoring America.

The company, Deezer, is one of the biggest players in digital music streaming, trailing only the market leader, Spotify, in the number of paying customers it has attracted globally. Like Spotify, which is based in London, Deezer, with headquarters in Paris, offers subscribers unlimited access to millions of songs on demand, via PCs, mobile phones and other devices.

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