Transition Music Corporation | Grooveshark Adds ‘Tip Jar’ to Support Artists
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Grooveshark Adds ‘Tip Jar’ to Support Artists

Grooveshark Adds ‘Tip Jar’ to Support Artists

Getting Screwed by Grooveshark? Don’t Worry, They’re Adding a Tip Jar…
By Paul Resnikoff

October 18, 2012
From Digital Music News

And so the confusing and contradictory mess known as Grooveshark soldiers on. The Eagles and King Crimson would love to see this house burn to the ground; the major labels are actively pouring gasoline and lighting matches! But for all the vilification, Grooveshark spends just as much energy returning fire, and that includes efforts to forge content relationships and paint themselves asprogressive and ‘artist friendly’.

Like this. Ahead of a November launch, Grooveshark is previewing a brand-new update, one that includes greater discovery, sharing and content categorization, but also the perfectly condescending ‘virtual tip jar’. The tack-on allows users to contribute money directly to their favorite artists, right through the Grooveshark app.

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