Transition Music Corporation | How the Kids Are Listening to Music
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How the Kids Are Listening to Music

How the Kids Are Listening to Music

I Teach Guitar to Students Aged 10-24. And This Is How They Consume Music…

By Paul Resnikoff – March 7, 2013 – Digital Music News

I teach guitar to about 34 students. Age range: from 10-early twenties. So that is pretty much the people that you would like to sell (your) music too, right? Pretty much the kinda folks that (we) try to convince to use legal music subscription services.

So what I gotta tell you about them is this:

None of them have an iPod. They all have cell phones with unlimited internet. What do they do with it? Text, use WhatsApp to text even more and they sure as hell don’t use a music subscription service that is legal – even though it doesn’t pay a fair rate to the artist – etc.

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