Transition Music Corporation | Is Apple Devaluing Music?
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Is Apple Devaluing Music?

Is Apple Devaluing Music?

Dear Apple, Thanks for Making Our Content Worthless. Signed, Radiohead…

By Paul Resnikoff – February 28, 2013 – Digital Music News

Has it all just been commoditized and devalued beyond repair? Yes, according to Radiohead singer Thom Yorke, lauded as both a music and digital pioneer alike. When asked by the Guardian how he viewed Apple and Google, not to mention other digital giants, Yorke pointed to a depressing devaluation that may be irreversible.

“They have to keep commodifying things to keep the share price up, but in doing so they have made all content, including music and newspapers, worthless, in order to make their billions. And this is what we want?”

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