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Music Is Migrating to the Cloud

Music Is Migrating to the Cloud

What Music Creators Should Know About Streaming Royalties

By Etan Rosenbloom, Associate Director & Deputy Editor, Communications & Media, ASCAP – January 17, 2013 – From

When Spotify stopped offering European users the option of paying to download music in early January, it came as another piece of evidence of a sea change that many have predicted for a long time: music is migrating to the cloud. Over the past two years, we’ve seen a four-fold increase in streaming music subscriptions in the US.

The ability to stream any piece of music at any time is of course great for consumers. But as we usher in new technologies, we have to think about the way they affect the songwriters and composers that make those technologies possible. As noted entertainment attorney Don Passman recently told us, “Advertising dollars are migrating online in a big way, which means traditional media is earning less, and they’re squeezing down the public performance license fees. Digital isn’t yet making up the difference.”

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