Transition Music Corporation | Music Modernization Act: What Is It & Who Benefits?
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Music Modernization Act: What Is It & Who Benefits?

Music Modernization Act: What Is It & Who Benefits?

Under this legislation, streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music would attain a blanket license, while songwriters would presumably be accurately identified and paid for their work, while also being subject to a new, more favorable royalty rate-setting standard. “The need for new legislation that reflects today’s digital world is critical and as this legislation becomes law it is critical that ALL songwriters and publishers are represented and have a seat at this new table.”

“Critical that ALL Songwriters and Publishers are represented and have a seat at this new table” says Donna Ross-Jones, CEO – Transition Music & Media”

“Under the current legislation, publishers would have eight of the 10 board seats and self-published songwriters would have two. As an independent publisher, I believe the proposed licensing cooperative should follow the same model as the existing nonprofit SoundExchange, which handles digital licensing for artists and record labels. Our commitment is to our songwriters which is why I am in agreement with Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) President Rick Carnes who recommends the new licensing organization, which some in the music industry have dubbed SoundExchange, should be, at a minimum, equally run by songwriters and publishers” said Donna Ross Jones, CEO of Transition Music Corporation, one of the top 100 ranked publishers in the United States with a catalog containing more than 38,000 copyrights and hundreds of songwriters and composers.

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