Jerome Brailey
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Jerome Brailey

Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey


Without a doubt, drummer, vocalist, writer and producer Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey is in a league of his own. Notably one of the greatest drummers ever, this veteran of P-Funk, and member of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, has written and contributed to some of the greatest tunes of the 20th and 21st centuries, with gold and platinum hits offering proof. A timeless and consummate performer, Jerome’s genre crosses generations and draws major collaborators, including Herbie Hancock, Buddy Miles, Buckethead, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Pharaoh Sanders, James Blood Ulmer, Bill Laswell and others. Through the years, Jerome, like a fine wine, just keeps getting better and better as he makes an unmistakable impact and imprint on the music industry and global music scene.


At 17 years young and a high school senior, he played drums on the Unifics Top 100 Hits … “Court of Love” and “Beginning of My End.” Jerome remained with the Unifics until shortly before the group disbanded in 1972. He joined a new group, The 5 Stairsteps, and played drums on all of the group’s hits, laying the studio timed back beat drums on the classic R&B song, “O-o-h Child.” He went on to the Chambers Brothers after the 5 Stairsteps.His co-writing of the only P-Funk song to ever be nominated for a Grammy, funk anthem “Tear the Roof off the Sucker,” from the now legendary “Mothership Connection,” did just that: tore the roof off of every venue where Parliament-Funkadelic played.




Selected discography


How’s Your Loose Booty? (2000) – a compilation

Aftershock 2005 (1996)

A Night Out With the Boys (1983)

Funk Plus The One (1980)

Mutiny On The Mamaship (1979)


Snoop Dogg – Under-Cover Brotha (2003)

Bootsy Collins – Glory B da’ Funk’s on Me! (2001)

Parliament – The 20th Century Masters (2000)

Parliament – Funked Up: The Very Best of… (2002)

Eddie Hazel – Rest in P (2000)

Buckethead – Giant Robot (1994)

Bootsy’s Rubber Band – Ahh…The Name Is Bootsy, Baby! (1977)

Funkadelic – Hardcore Jollies (1976)

Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove (1978)

Eddie Hazel – Games, Dames & Guitar Thangs (1977)

Parliament – Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976)

Parliament – Mothership Connection (1976)

Parliament – Live: P-Funk Earth Tour (1977)

Parliament – Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome (1977)

Parliament – Greatest Hits 1972-1993 (1994)

Parliament – Best of Parliament: Give Up the Funk (1995)

Parliament – Live, 1976-1993 (1996)

Peter’s Rock Mass Choir – Message from the Rock (1995)

Liu Sola – Blues in the East (1994)

Dave Stewart – Greetings from the Gutter (1995)

Fred Wesley & The JB’s – Blow for Me, A Toot for You (1977)

Jah Wobble – Heaven and Earth (1995)

Various Artists – Altered Beats: Assassin Knowledges (1996)

Dawn Sheppard – The Dawn Of A New Day (2003)

Quazar – Recorded with former Funkadelic guitarist Glen Goins.

Lucky Peterson – Black Midnight Sun (2003)

Tawl Ross – a.k.a. Detrimental Vasoline (1995)

James Blood Ulmer – Blue Blood (2001)

TMC Hall of Fame