Transition Music Corporation | ReDigi: Selling Your Used Digital Music
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ReDigi: Selling Your Used Digital Music

ReDigi: Selling Your Used Digital Music

ReDigi To Open Second-Hand Digital Market

By Robert Cookson – Jan. 17, 2013 – Financial Times

ReDigi, a US company that labels itself as the world’s first legal online marketplace for “used” digital music, is preparing to launch in Europe and expand into areas including ebooks and video games.
The move may prove highly disruptive for media groups. Consumers have acquired billions of dollars of music, ebooks and films from services such as Apple’s iTunes and Amazon in recent years, but have so far lacked an easy way to sell them.

ReDigi’s push into Europe is likely to prompt debate over copyright laws and the right of consumers to buy and sell secondhand digital goods in the same way that they trade physical goods, such as printed books, CDs or handbags.
The group has already caused controversy in the US, where it was last year accused of copyright infringement by Capitol Records and is awaiting a judgment from a New York court.

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