Services Deck
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Services Deck

Create. Manage. Monetize.

More than 29 television series & 8 networks rely on Transition Music Corp. (TMC) as their exclusive source for “ALL” things music; from composers, to production music, to licensing, to new artist, music supervision & building music revenue streams. TMC is the only “One Stop Shop” providing music, content solutions and professional services to all media, across all platforms.

        TMC Offers The Best In New Technology

        Utilizing the latest technologies provided by Creative Network Design (CND), and Source Audio TMC gives you the opportunity to be one step ahead with your music needs. Listen, download, transport, copy and license at your fingertips.  Features include: 

        • The Online Library

        • 2 no white

          • Upload an audiofile, or copy a Youtube/Soundcloud link to our platform, and the search will return musically similar results!
          • Receive faster search engine results
          • Search by Keyword, Genre, Mood, Tempo, Vocal/Instrumental and Composer
          • Download in either mp3, wav, or aiff format
          • Create Playlists to save music, download all playlist tracks into a zip file.
          • Collaborate with others working on your project by sharing the playlist via email, give other users permission to add tracks to the playlist, and
          • Our search engine comes with full HTML5 compatibility for iPad/Tablet optimization

        • Automated Cue Sheet Creator

        • tmc cue pad

          • Upload a project EDL from AVID or Final Cut Pro
          • TMC Track metadata will automatically populate along with timing info
          • Fill in Project details such as Title of Production, VIN number, Air Date,Production Company.
          • Save and download in either Excel or PDF format.
          • Save and keep track of all cue sheets entered in your account!

        Still Unsure If TMC Can Help?