Transition Music Corporation | Social Media Can Do A Lot, But Not Everything
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Social Media Can Do A Lot, But Not Everything

Social Media Can Do A Lot, But Not Everything

Why Music Won’t Be Saved By Social Media

By Wes Davenport –

Social media gurus/ninjas/mavens hail the power of social media to radically change a business. They write e-books, produce blog posts, and use their own networks to amplify that viewpoint.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. I love social media, and I think it plays a role in any musician’s career. But that role has been grossly inflated.

  • Social media doesn’t single-handedly:
  • Negotiate licensing, publishing, or record deals
  • Make your live performances better
  • Enhance your studio recording sessions
  • Plot out a tour
  • Send out press pitches
  • Assemble a strong financial plan
  • Prepare you for unexpected growth

Yes, it can give you leverage on these things. Yes, it can open doors in these areas. Yes, social media is an important piece to any artist’s career.

Will social media alone be your saving grace? No.

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