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Submit Music

We currently provide music for 8 networks, over twenty television series, and our titles exceeded 120,000 television performances in the ’13-’14 season. We are always looking for great to music for our clients in film, television and commercials. If you are interested in getting music to us, check out our submission policy below.

Do You Accept Unsolicited Material?

Yes. Transition Music Corp. is one of the few publishing companies in the United States who currently accepts unsolicited music submissions. Submissions can include all genres of music and must follow TMC’s submission policy below.

How Do I Submit Music?  

Online only.

What is Your Submission Policy? 

  • All submissions must be professional quality master recordings – no demos.
  • The submission must be owned and/or controlled 100% by the submitting party or parties 
  • Minimum length for all submissions is two minutes.
  • 2 song maximum per submission for Email (MP3 format only). TMC is now accepting submissions ONLINE ONLY. After listening to the track sent, we will contact you if we are interested in hearing more of your material.
  • TMC does not accept links to other music sites as a submission (SoundCloud, Reverbnation, etc). These links will not be reviewed.
  • Submission must include your legal name, Email, address and telephone number.

Lyrics Policy

  • All Songs with Lyrics can be submitted with lyric sheets.
  • Any Songs that are not in English MUST include: Lyrics in the performance language and English language translations

Where do I send my material?

Email submissions to: You  MUST STATE what GENRE and either VOCAL/INSTRUMENTAL in the SUBJECT line or you’re submission will be discarded automatically.

Will I get a response?

We will only contact you if we are interested in signing your  material. Please do not call or email to follow up on your submission.

Can I submit lyrics without a recording?

No. Lyrics without a professional recording will not be reviewed.

If I submit music with profanity will you accept it?

Yes. However you have to send a clean/edited version as well so that it can be aired on TV.

What kind of music are you looking for?  

Instrumental or Vocal Tracks from all genres. Film and Television productions use all kinds of music. So we accept all kinds of music.

Do you submit songs to artists?  

Music may end up on a soundtrack in connection with a film, TV series, webisode or game, but we do not pitch directly to recording artists.

What happens next if you sign my song(s)?  

Once signed, we will shop the song(s) around to our clients. Also, if we get a request for music, we will search our catalog database and if your song(s) meet the request, they will be submitted to the client for possible consideration. The song(s) will be uploaded onto the TMC site on our next available update cycle.

Example agreements: For Vocal Songs: 

TMC Co-Pub Admin Agrmnt 1 Writer – Example (click to view)

TMC Co-Pub Admin Agrmnt 2 Writers-Publishers – Example (click to view)


For Instrumental Songs: 

TMC Library Agrmnt – 1 Writer – Example (click to view)

TMC Library Agrmnt – 2 Writers – Example (click to view)

Agreement FAQS

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