Transition Music Corporation | Our team
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Our team


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Donna Ross Jones
Founder and President

Founder and CEO of TMC, Donna has built a successful company and contributed to the success of superstars including: Eddie Murphy, Heart, Irene Cara, Rick James and Anita Baker. An expert in management, music publishing, digital media, intellectual property and IP monetization, Donna has a history of developing and implementing solutions in the ever changing world of music in entertainment and technology.

Taylor Gray
Creative Services & Business Development

As music supervisor Taylor works closely with TMC artists, composers, songwriters while interacting with all of TMC’s media partners. He also oversees music acquisition and actively explores growth markets and business opportunities.

Mike Dobson
Administration and Data Management

Mike shifted from record distribution to music publishing when he joined TMC in 2001. Today he leads TMC’s administration department, managing a multitude of music administrative and data management functions including: contracts, cue sheets, title registration, copyrights, and royalty audits.

Jenna Carson
Creative Director

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