Transition Music Corporation | The New Landscape of Social Music Listening
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The New Landscape of Social Music Listening

The New Landscape of Social Music Listening

Music in the digital age

Northeastern University news office asked Patrik Wik­ström, a newly appointed asso­ciate pro­fessor of music in the Col­lege of Arts, Media and Design, to weigh in on the changing face of music in today’s dig­ital age:

Music lis­tening and dis­covery have always been social activ­i­ties, but social media ampli­fies these aspects. Social media strengthens the rela­tion­ship within a group of fans as well as between the artist and their fans. Artists no longer merely com­pose and/​or per­form songs to an audi­ence, they create a plat­form that allows their fans to meet and chat about the issues they con­sider to be rel­e­vant. Artists that are able to cul­ti­vate a tight and loyal fan­base via social media may be able to create a sus­tain­able busi­ness based on their craft without being part of the main­stream music industry and without signing a record label con­tract. It is far more valu­able to have a small but loyal fan­base that is willing to sup­port the artist it appre­ci­ates than a large and anony­mous fan­base that does not care very much about who has cre­ated the music it enjoys.” 

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