Transition Music Corporation | The Pros and Cons of Spotify for Artists
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The Pros and Cons of Spotify for Artists

The Pros and Cons of Spotify for Artists

NPR Just Asked Me Why Mumford & Sons Licensed Spotify, and Taylor Swift Didn’t…
By Paul Resnikoff
October 26, 2012
From Digital Music News

It was a smart question – the right question – asked by a very astute host (Zoe Chase). But as flattering as it was to be consulted by NPR, I felt like a parent ting to simplify a hopelessly complex and sticky situation into a one, reasonable answer. I was wading in complexity: after all, didn’t Mumford definitively prove that streaming success doesn’t erode sales success? So why, just weeks later, did Taylor Swift’s label abruptly slam the door on Spotify, Rhapsody, Rdio, and the rest?

Well, actually, we know why: it doesn’t pay enough, and Big Machine’s Scott Borchetta said it out loud. Especially when everyone was more-than-willing to purchase the full album at full cost – at Target, iTunes, Walgreen’s… Papa John’s Pizza.
So you either think that Mumford gets the big picture and Taylor doesn’t, or Mumford was stupidly turning down cash. If only it was that simple...

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