Transition Music Corporation | TMC Seeks Diversity Models as Opposition to Mega-Merger Grows
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TMC Seeks Diversity Models as Opposition to Mega-Merger Grows

TMC Seeks Diversity Models as Opposition to Mega-Merger Grows


As Opposition Grows against the Mega-Merger between Comcast and NBC Transition Music Corporation Seeks Accountability in Diversity Models


LOS ANGELES, June 18, 2010, Donna Ross Jones, Founder and President of Transition Music Corporation (TMC) takes an opportunity to encourage the entertainment conglomerates, who serve all communities, to implement diversity models which demand accountability.

In preparation for an L.A. hearing – lead by Congresswoman Maxine Waters – on the Comcast-NBC Merger and minority business opportunities, Donna Ross-Jones reflects upon the years of both successes and failures of competing as a minority owned business. “With thousands of pieces of content floating through your universe, on every platform, the amount of minority music being produced is very low. As one of the only “MWBE” (Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise) music libraries in the entertainment industry, it is our hope that the Comcast will lead the industry by expanding the minority vendor dialog to include business’s weighted on the creative side of the equation, like music suppliers.”

Comcast would control a huge portion of the content viewers watch on television as well as have access to platforms many individuals use such as broadcast TV, cable TV, and Internet. The merger will tremendously affect ad agencies and other smaller local production companies. Ad agencies would have less competition for local and political advertising. As smaller production companies are facing economic cut-backs already, the merger would only worsen situations by depleting money to produce local news and hire staff. In order to remain competitive, companies would have to fire staff and consolidate. Consequently, this could affect local diversity. The merger directly affects consumers as well but Comcast has devoted millions in convincing Washington otherwise. The Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission are to carefully review the proposed merger and consider what is truly best for the public. The FCC is taking comments until June 21st at

Finally, Jones remarks with, “My company is strong and prepared to compete. We have no illusions about the competition or the complexities of our business and we don’t expect to win every time. I do, however, expect to be given the opportunity to compete. We work for major studios, but it’s the independents; who are always seeking creative solutions that make up the bulk of our business. Our goal is to use our history of success to expand opportunities at the entertainment conglomerates, which will keep the doors open for songwriters, composers and other creative’s who have faced the same barriers.”

Transition Music Corporation (TMC), is a Los Angeles based music company established in 1989, by entertainment executive Donna Ross-Jones. TMC ( provides music for visual media; film, TV, commercials, games, internet and webisodes. Our mission is to always bring value by delivering quality music in a way that is creative, flexible and effective. TMC services include- music supervision, custom music and music clearance.