Transition Music Corporation | Where the Internet Radio Royalties Issue Stands
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Where the Internet Radio Royalties Issue Stands

Where the Internet Radio Royalties Issue Stands

Is Internet radio about to get rocked?
By Geogg Duncan
October 3, 2012
From Digital Trends

The battle over royalties is simmering again, and a mammoth new player maybe be preparing to drop into the mix, spelling major changes ahead for players like Pandora.

Internet radio has revolutionized the way many tech-savvy consumers listen to music. Whether it’s a personalized radio station from Pandora, playlists pulled down from Spotify, friends’ recommendations “scrobbled” through, or tapping into any of the myriad other sources for online music, Internet radio has become a way of life for many people.

However, just as Internet radio seems to have finally developed as a mainstream business, things look to be shaking up. The entire industry appears poised for another showdown in Congress over music royalty rates, and everybody is worried about Apple getting into the business — although the notoriously secretive company hasn’t said anything one way or another. Is the fledgling industry in danger, or just in for a shakeup?